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how to install zpanelx for centos 6 with auto installer zpanelx if you dont understand manual installation zpanelx on centos 6, you can using auto installer this script create by Caffeine Addict zpanel Developer how to install zpanelx using auto installer, but you must little prepare before start install this script. if you want use… Read Article →

tutorial linux, how to grab or download on linux with wget command, wget command very important for download or grab with console windows, if you have vps with little memory, this is first basic command you must to know how to download file to your server with wget command. if you want play with wget,… Read Article →

tutorial centos fix repobase, some centos installation have little problem with repobase, did you have any problem with yum command, yum command cant running under your server. you can back and restore default base repo centos. many provider VPS provider has modified repo and sometimes your repo conflict so yum command cant run. first step… Read Article →

tutorial centos if you dont have yum command, you can install yum with manual installation with creating bash command, but you must have rpm command to running this process. here is bash command you can using pico, nano or vi editor, choose one you like. then

Tutorial VPS – How To Install ZpanelX on Centos 6 this tutorial install Please use this following to install your servers for CentOS 6.2* first we need prepare centos server, this guide running fine on centos 6 with zpanelx version. prepare server check basic configuration centos 6 and disable selinux, stoping few service like iptables,… Read Article →

Tutorial Centos how to add repo epel on centos 5, centos 6 and centos 7. you can start here : Why we use EPEL repository? Provides lots of open source packages to install via Yum. Epel repo is 100% open source and free to use. It does not provide any core duplicate packages and no… Read Article →

tutorial how to reset root password mysql on centos, do you forgot you password as root on mysql? you can easy to reset mysql password and you dont need old password, just give new password on script below then run mysql command. first you needed stop mysql Type the following command to stop mysql server… Read Article →

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