auto installer zpanelx for centos 6

how to install zpanelx for centos 6 with auto installer zpanelx

if you dont understand manual installation zpanelx on centos 6, you can using auto installer this script create by Caffeine Addict zpanel Developer

how to install zpanelx using auto installer, but you must little prepare before start install this script. if you want use manual install zpanel check here

here is requirement for running script auto installer zpanelx Centos 6

  • CentOS 6.2 netinstall.iso minimum install NO OTHER OPTIONS SELECTED DURING INSTALL
  • Most VPS images which do NOT have APACHE, PHP, MySQL, BIND, DOVECOT or other ZPanel installed softwares already configured.

Steps for installing on CentOS minimum:
ssh root@server_ip

Upload unzipped installer to your server:

Chmod and execute

Steps for installing on most VPS images (works on CentOS 6.2)
Download and unzip the installer, and upload to your server (scp root@server_ip

If this installer doesn’t work you are most likely running a modified version of CentOS or an OS that has packages pre-installed.

download zpanelx auto installer script zinstall.sh_.tar

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