how to check information system from your linux VPS

how to check information from your linux vps, you can find information version about your KDE, GNOME, Mozilla, firefox, memory, cpu, diskspace, user list and many information you can see from your OS linux.

find out more information about system, use the following commands in shell scripts to gather information about system
here is few command to see and check version :

Find out KDE Desktop version:

Find out Gnome Desktop version:

Find out Mozilla browser version:

Find out Firefox browser version:

Find out current Language:

Find out disk space usage:

Find/Estimate file space usage:

Find out version of Linux glibc:

Find out user limits:

Find out installed device drivers (modules)

Find out information about an X server:

It can find out:

  • Name of display:
  • Version number
  • Vendor name (such as The XFree86 Project)
  • Vendor release number
  • And XFree86 version number

Find out information about Linux CPU

Find out information about Linux Memory



Find out user shell name:

Dump Linux kernel variables

Find out running Linux kernel version:

Dump or display memory information and swap information:

Network card and IP address information:

Debian / Ubuntu Linux network configuration file (all interface eth0,eth1,…ethN)

Redhat / CentOS / Fedora Linux network configuration file (eth0)

Note replace eth1 for 2nd network card and so on.

Display routing information

Display list of all open ports

View login related logs

View mail server related logs

Find how long the system has been running

Show who is logged on and what they are doing

Display list of tasks

Display all running process

Display list of all installed software on Redhat / CentOS / Fedora

source : cyberciti

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