how to easy install zpanel x with autoinstaller on centos

tutorial centos how to easy install zpanelx with autoinstaller on centos, if you need manually install zpanel x on your centos you can use this link How to install zpanel x manually on centos..

but now you can easy installing zpanel x as your free control panel centos,

ZPanelCP on CentOS 6.3 – Auto Installer 10.0.2

first you need login to root and try disable setenforce

Update you package list software

install package you need, i like using nano and zip

#yum install curl nano wget zip

now grab autoinsteller from ZVPS

if you using Centos 6 64bit try zpanelx :

Or if you using Centos 6 32bit try install zpanelx

lets untar or extract files using command :

then chmod that file

for centos 6 64bit to install zpanelx use command :

for centos 6 32bit to install zpanelx use command :

ok than follow instruction until end.

thats all, very easy install zpanelx on centos 6 with automatic installer from zvps

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