How To enable SSL Let’s Encrypt Directadmin Nginx WordPress

How To enable SSL Let’s Encrypt + Directadmin + Nginx webserver + WordPress, My webapps, like /roundcube are not working when I try to setup custom wordpress rewrite in my nginx.conf.

if you need enable ssl with nginx webserver on directadmin you read this tutorial
If you’re trying to setup WordPress redirects in your user nginx.conf file, but this breaks your webapps links, like /roundcube, you must do it in a specific way, or your WP rewrites are going to override the /roundcube settings, thus breaking them.

Do the following to setup your WP settings for a basic nginx setup for wordpress and enable lets encrypt ssl you may need this setting :

and then edit the custom copied nginx_server.conf.


add this setting for your config :

you can use this setting directadmin + install nginx webserver + WordPress + enable SSL

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