How to install betterlinux on centos 6 with or without cpanel

tutorial VPS centos, How to install betterlinux on centos 6 with or without cpanel. before we start better linux we may need little knowladge whats betterlinux and check function first. BetterLinux is a collection of system resource management and monitoring tools intended for hosting providers, data centers, SaaS companies, and cloud environments. With it, you can control use and allocation of CPU, memory, MySQL, device I / O bandwidth, and IP bandwidth resources. Individual users and processes that exceed set resource limits can be isolated from other system users and throttled as Necessary. betterlinux own operation in the operating system for the current centos 6 can be said to be competing with CloudLinux betterlinux which is now popular first.

here is some features betterlinux :

  • Better CPU

BetterCPU (a CPU controller) limits access to a server’s CPU resources by individual users and processess. Over-consuming processes are isolated to a “jail” where they are throttled as necessary to prevent them from hogging CPU resources. Processes operating within limits continue to work efficiently without interference.

  • Cloak FS

CloakFS secures the file system by hiding users from each other, including others’ files, directories, and processes. A user can see only his or her own $HOME directory, with the exception files outside of home owned by that user. For example, if “sampleuser” creates “samplefile” in /tmp and then lists all files in /tmp, he will see only “samplefile” and not the /tmp files of other users on the box.

  • Better IO

BetterIO manages block device I/O utilization. You can create limits for individual users and groups, for individual programs, for specific devices by percent usage, and even for mount points (like NFS, iSCSI, and more). You can also limit by service time (svctime), access wait (await), or a combination of both. BetterIO can “auto-scale” system limits when resources go used to prevent waste. “Auto-scaling” responds to highly configurable conditions and use ranges in addition to recent user activity.

  • Better MySQL

BetterMySQL assigns the responsibility for queries to individual Linux users instead of to the generic MySQL user to enable individualized MySQL throttling. BetterMySQL also “auto-scales” system limits when resources go used to prevent waste.

  • Better Bandwidth

BetterBandwidth links traffic to specific Linux users, permitting group and individual limits without need for individual IP addresses. You can also force a user’s traffic on a shared server to originate from your main shared IP. BetterBandwidth has extensive bandwidth limiting monitoring abilities.

maybe after knowing some of the main features you will be interested. how to install betterlinux on your operating system centos 6, betterlinux also been integrated with cpanel server for easy management

here is install betterlinux on centos with or without cpanel

you can register first and order trial license first at :

after order trial license you can check login from your email.

after login go to download menu :

1. go to my download
2. Dowload Trial License Key
3. Choose Your OS (centos)
4. Choose Centos Version 6.x
5. Choose Version 32 Bit or 64 Bit
6. click view files (you will get download page)

after see download page login to your root ssh server

check version betterlinux at this tutorial centos use 1.0.1-2

now extract tar

put code, you see picture on step 2, after download license key you can open it
now we can run installation better linux
you can install with command ./

reboot after complete.

after reboot if you need install betterlinux on cpanel use command :

thats all, now you have betterlinux on you centos with cpanel or without cpanel, its very easy install better linux on centos

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