how to install LNMP centos 6 with auto install script

tutorial install LNMP centos 6, this is easy way how to install LNMP on centos 6 with bash auto install script, to install LNMP centos 6 you just create bash script than running your script.

lets begin create bash script Install LNMP on centos 6.
first we need install editor, choose one you like with VIM or NANO or PICO, in this way i like nano editor. then i install nano editor :

after we have editor create bash script with command

now copy and paste script below.

chmod script to execute :

now running install with command

remember, default file locate on /var/www/html/
you can see file php script default root on /var/www/html

than use command

thats all tutorial how install LNMP auto installer on centos 6, you can modified what ever you want on that bash script.

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