how to install webuzo free control panel centos

how to install webuzo free control panel centos, and what is webuzo?

before we try install webuzo to our server, you should to know function and feature webuzo.Webuzo is a LAMP STACK and a Single User Control Panel you can get this as free control panel or paid control panel. You can install Webuzo on any Virtual Server, Dedicated Server or deploy it in the form of Virtual Appliances. Webuzo has all the 303 Apps and 1115 of Softaculous and we are adding more as well.
You can install Webuzo on your server. Download the Webuzo Installer and read the Installation Guide to start right away. With a simple and user-friendly GUI – Webuzo Cloud Launcher allows you to deploy your favourite application on the Cloud

Webuzo LAMP Stack Application Manager incomparably simplifies the development and deployment of applications on your server with exciting features such as Domain management, FTP Users management, Database management with MySQL and Rockmongo, DNS Zone Management and MXEntry records management, Manage CRON, Advanced Security with IP Block, CSR, Private keys and so on. Webuzo Serves as a complete solution to server management.

if you see all feature this is good alternative cheap control panel or free control panel for centos. because this control panel has integrated with softaculous. you can easy with 1 click installer and many feature from webuzo. this mean APACHE WEBSERVER + SOFTACULOUS + FTP + FILE MANAGER + MYSQL DATABASE + DNS if you have VPS you can choose this cheap control panel for centos just $2.5/month, not only that because many webhost provider use Cpanel + softaculous as their control panel so you can easy migrate from cpanel to webuzo. but before you know how to migrate cpanel to webuzo lets try tutorial install webuzo to centos.


  • Newly Fresh installed CentOS 5.x (x86 or x86_64) / CentOS 6.x (x86 or x86_64)
  • YUM package

update first your software package before install webuzo.

now download and install webuzo with this command :

then after finish, you can login as administrator or user webuzo. but you need configure and make name server for your webserver.

Account Information

Webuzo will create a user account by the username soft
You will need to enter the Email Address and Password for this user.

Domain and Nameservers

Please enter a valid Domain Name say
You will need to point your nameserver to the servers IP where you are installing Webuzo. Webuzo will ask you for the Primary Nameserver (e.g. and the Secondary Nameserver (e.g.

Use IP as Domain

If you dont have a valid domain then you can use your servers IP as the hostname. Webuzo will also suggest you which the IP of your server. In such a case you can enter any dummy NameServer and your primary and secondary name server.

Submit the details

After you have filled in all details please submit the form.
Webuzo will start configuring the server immediately. This may take 3-4 minutes depending on your servers speed.


Webuzo has two sections :

Admin Panel

To login to the Softaculous Webuzo Admin Panel, visit the following URL :
Login with the servers root details.

Enduser Panel

To login to the Softaculous Webuzo Enduser Panel, visit the following URL :

The username is soft
The password will be the same that you entered during the Initial Setup

done, now you have webuzo as free control panel centos

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  1. thanks.. now im sure and use webuzo as my free control panel..

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