how to install webuzo nginx wordpress permalinks .htaccess

webuzo control panel nginx has support today, by nginx webserver webuzo can mitigate performance and easy management for our web server.
here I try to install version webuzo with nginx webserver and wordpress but if use permalinks says 404 page error. when i try to use nginx turns out there is a little problem, that we have to customize it yourself if you want to use wordpress permalink. when I tried wordpress permalinks + nginx + webuzo get a 404 page error. after finding out that there was rewrite-rules-for-nginx we have to edit yourself.
Ok just started tutorial install webuzo with nginx and wordpress then fix 404 page error

Installation webuzo centos

now go to webuzo panel use : http://your-ip:2004 and you will see page below
after then go to http://your-ip:2002 then install nginx first

its done, now you have centos + webuzo + nginx, if you need wordpress try install wordpress first. but if you want permalinks.

Note : Users will have to manually handle .htaccess files if any available for the scripts in case of NGINX mode. lets edit /usr/local/apps/nginx/etc/conf.d/webuzoVH.conf to make wordpress run permalinks

after that restart webuzo nginx from Services and here is webuzo .htaccess for wordpress

its very easy install webuzo nginx with wordpress permalinks just edit webuzoVH.conf and .htaccess

bye webuzo nginx wordpress get a 404 page error

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  1. Now my problem solve

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