Tutorial Centos Add Repo Epel on Centos 5/6/7

Tutorial Centos how to add repo epel on centos 5, centos 6 and centos 7. you can start here :
Why we use EPEL repository?

Provides lots of open source packages to install via Yum.
Epel repo is 100% open source and free to use.
It does not provide any core duplicate packages and no compatibility issues.
All epel packages are maintained by Fedora repo.

How To Enable EPEL Repository in RHEL/CentOS 7/6/5?

First, you need to download the file using Wget and then install it using RPM on your system to enable the EPEL repository. Use below links based on your Linux OS versions. (Make sure you must be root user).


  • add Epel Centos 5 32 Bit

  • add Epel Centos 5 64 Bit


  • add Epel Centos 6 32 Bit

  • add Epel Centos 6 64 Bit


  • add Epel Centos 7 64 Bit

thats all command, very easy to add repo epel on centos 5, centos 6 & Centos 7

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