Tutorial VPS Centos How To Install cPanel/WHM

Tutorial VPS Centos How To install Cpanel / WHM, this tutorial vps easy to install cpanel/whm, before we begin install cpanel/whm to centos lets see about cpanel/whm :

The cPanel & WHM software package is an easy-to-use control panel that gives web hosts, and the website owners they serve, the ability to quickly and easily manage their servers and websites.
cPanel is the only commercially available hosting control panel trusted by America’s leading hosting providers. Simplifying web hosting management since 1997, software provides the power, control, and security your web hosting company needs.
What I will mention below is applicable to any VPS or dedicated server that runs CentOS 4.x/5.x, has minimum 512mb Ram and more than 4GB hard disk available. cPanel is, indeed, a powerful platform, but demanding as well in terms of resources.
ok lets see tutorial install cpanel/whm on centos :
The first thing you need to do is login as root and then disable SELinux. how to disable selinux centos ? Just type /etc/selinux/config and make sure the following values exist in the file:
or you can give command :

Download installation cpanel to folder /home, command :

Run command to install cpanel, The Step 2 will initiate the installation process which takes approximately 2 hours, depending on your server’s speed. Once it finishes, you need to active your cPanel/WHM application


done, now after enter cpanel license you can login to whm to setup and manage your server login to :
http://yourip:2086 / https://yourip:2087

thats all, easy tutorial VPS install cpanel

CPanel have 2 version license for VPS and Dedicated Server :

    Difference between cPanel/WHM Dedicated and VPS licensing

  • cPanel/WHM Dedicated: The standard version is designed to be installed on a full dedicated server, which allocates 100% of it’s hardware to the operations of that machine.
  • cPanel/WHM VPS: VPS Optimized 2 version is designed to be within an environment running such virtualization software as listed on: http://whmrequirements.cpanel.net. Both products have the same features, but the cPanel/WHM Optimized 2 version simply optimizes the install configuration to make the best use of memory and processors on a virtualized environment.

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