tutorial centos how to uninstall virtualmin or remove virtualmin

tutorial VPS centos how to uninstalling virtualmin or remove virtualmin, if we have problem with your server and need downgrade or removing virtualmin we can do that easy on centos.

There are many levels of “uninstalling” Virtualmin, but the most common is simply that you don’t want the Virtualmin GUI or any of its plugins installed. The simplest way to accomplish this, assuming you used the automated installation process (install.sh), is to re-run install.sh with the – -uninstall flag:

lets see command how to uninstalling virtualmin or remove virtualmin with easy step,

first if you dont have file install.sh for installing we can download first,

then removing virtualmin with this command :

wait until finish uninstall virtualmin
but how to downgrade virtualmin version, because i dont want remove my virtualmin?
that easy, you can downgrade any time and version you need.
RPM-based systems

go to url :



than see your os version, you can see with command

example we have centos 5 version with 32-bit, install using :

Final steps
Once you’ve downgraded the virtual-server module to the GPL version, you can change the
/etc/virtualmin-license file to :

Then remove the /etc/webmin/virtual-server/licence.pl , sendratings.pl and fcgiclear.pl cron jobs. You can use the Webmin System:Schedule Cron Jobs module to locate and delete that job, if you like.

done, very easy this tutorial centos how to remove virtualmin or how to downgrade virtualmin version

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