Tutorial Directadmin Nginx WordPress for all your domain with template

last tutorial setting Directadmin + Nginx + WordPress Permalinks Rewrite Url for single domain, now you can add more domain Using custom global templates with Nginx, lets do it, This guide will describe how to setup customized global per-User/Domain templates, so you nginx server configurations can be changed however you need.
1. Copy the templates to the custom area:

There are many templates for nginx, so if there are any that you don’t need to change, you can delete the from the custom folder, and the defaults will be used. Templates in the custom folder override the default templates.

2. Edit Nginx template

3. then add below

like this :

save, When you want to issue a rewrite to try your new configs, type:

4. build and rewrite your nginx configuration

this tutorial Auto generated nginx config file by DirectAdmin, if you host multiple domain name with nginx webserver, directadmin and wordpress permalinks setting. but if you only need easy install directadmin nginx with wordpress permalinks you can check this tutorial

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