Tutorial how to install directadmin

Tutorial how to install directadmin

Hardware minimum specification for directadmin:

Directadmin at least highly recommend a processor of at least 500 Mhz even though DirectAdmin will run on slower systems. A minimum 1 GB of memory is required (2+ GB is preferred), with at least 2 GB of swap memory. A hard drive with at least 2 gigabytes of free space (after the Linux install) is also required. If you are expecting high traffic levels then you will need more memory, processor power, and hard drive space than recommend here. Intel and AMD should work fine. Solaris/Sparc will not.

  • Clean OS install
  • At least one external IP address
  • SSH installed, gcc, g++, openssl-devel installed.
  • Run the pre-install commands before starting the install
  • you need Sign into your client account at directadmin.com/clients and click the “view” link next to your license.
  • Verify that the server IP address and operating system is correct. Also make sure that the license is Active and Verified (if it isn’t, then our billing system hasn’t processed your order yet).

  1. Login as root than you must run pre-install command :

On Rehat/Fedora/CentOS:

CentOS 7
Add all of the above CentOS packages except db4-devel, then include these ones as well:

Debian 6

Debian 7

Debian 8

FreeBSD tends to have everything needed, and the need to run pre-install commands is less common.
Custombuild does require gmake, but will try to install it with dpkg -r or ports if it’s missing. If needed:

FreeBSD 10 (not yet supported)


2. after you have pre-install command finish then use command

Note : Use “fetch” instead of “wget” on FreeBSD systems.

3. Change permissions on the setup.sh file

4. Run the script

You will be prompted for a client ID number, license ID number, and hostname.

DirectAdmin can be accessed at http://server.ip.address:2222 — use the Admin username/password specified in the setup.txt file in your scripts directory.

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