tutorial VPS centos how to Use remote desktop with freenx on VPS server

Tutorial VPS Centos how to install and configure freenx for remote desktop connection, you can use this application for your vps server, dedicated server or personally your computer at office. this tutorial very easy. why and when we need this ? example. i live in country with slowly internet and expensive to pay big speed and bandwidth connection this is why i need fast internet connection for backup my hosting, save big file then upload and save all backup into my vps (cheap solution).

lets begin tutorial how to remote desktop connection with centos.

first you must have own server / vps, with minimum 512 Mb memory.

  • we need freenx installed to server

  • copy minimal configuration

Enable PASSDB for NX Database User Authentication pass-through:
Uncomment and change the following line in /etc/nxserver/node.conf
edit with command nano or vi, i like nano editor, if you dont have you can install and give command :

  • edit with nano editor

  • and uncomment # like this

  • change to this

that’s all, but we need user account to access nx server
Add a user account to the nxserver database ( the user account must already exist on the system as a standard linux user account):

Give the username a password:

now we needed installing freenx nomachine client to our pc, you can download nomachine on http://www.nomachine.com/download.php
install software and configure like this
install freenx
Select the connection type, the desktop system you want to use, and the size of the desktop. Do not check the disable encryption box if you want SSL encryption. If you use SSL, not only is the traffic encrypted, but it uses only the SSL port you list to make the connection. This means only the SSL port needs to be open to inbound traffic if you are connecting from outside a firewall. Select Next when finished
install freenx
Create shortcut on desktop and then Select Show the Advanced Configuration dialog box and then select Finish
install freenx
etc/nxserver/ directory and open the file client.id_dsa.key (you must be the root user to open this file). Copy all the text (including the BEGIN DSA PRIVATE KEY and END DSA PRIVATE KEY lines. Press the Key… button, delete the text that is in there, and paste the client.id_dsa.key
install freenxinstall freenx
if your nxserver not running try restart sshd and install gnome desktop or x windows system
CentOS 5:

CentOS 6:

now we have remote desktop, tutorial centos how to install freenx to remote desktop connection on Centos

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