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Free control panel centos CyberPanel with OpenLiteSpeed, CyberPanel is the first free control panel that uses OpenLiteSpeed as a web server. CyberPanel a complete sysadmin package. It makes your administration tasks easier and fun at the same time!

How to install and convert Cloudlinux on Centos, you can migrate from old OS linux Centos become to cloudlinux, CloudLinux is the first commercial OS that meets the specific needs and demands of web hosting providers. CloudLinux is the choice for web hosting providers because of the stable environment it provides even in the most… Read Article →

Tutorial Chroot Jail SFTP Only on centos, when you need This? with Chroot Jail will majorly increase security for a multi-user server. this is make your server save and secure for multi-user. lets see how usefull chroot jail SFTP only on centos for multi user from your server. Lock users to their home directory This… Read Article →

tutorial how to reset root password mysql on centos, do you forgot you password as root on mysql? you can easy to reset mysql password and you dont need old password, just give new password on script below then run mysql command. first you needed stop mysql Type the following command to stop mysql server… Read Article →

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