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How to install zimbra on you centos VPS, before do this you may need to know what iz zimbra : Bring Together Email, Calendaring and Enterprise Applications Zimbra is an enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution built for the cloud, both public and private. With a redesigned browser-based interface, Zimbra offers the most innovative messaging… Read Article →

tutorial VPS install openvpn on centos 6, many people ask me how to install openvpn on centos 6.3 because many people failed install openvpn to their linux centos 6. failed install openvpn linux centos 6 and how to fix this, you should must check every step and why open vpn failed start or wrong configuration…. Read Article →

tutorial Backup VPS – most people say’s backup is very important, with backup you can save your time and money, don’t waste your time to starting from zero again. the below bash script will copy all files and directories on your linux VPS. I found it online after trying other linux backup options which either… Read Article →

how to install webuzo free control panel centos, and what is webuzo? before we try install webuzo to our server, you should to know function and feature webuzo.Webuzo is a LAMP STACK and a Single User Control Panel you can get this as free control panel or paid control panel. You can install Webuzo on… Read Article →

how to secure your server and how to install CSF (config security firewall) ? you can use CSF as your firewall and make this secure and save from attacker. easy to install csf on your centos 6 or centos 5 here is : but before you install CSF you need to know.

do you like vi editor ? many linux user dont like vi editor and they change default editor they use pico editor or nano editor. this tutorial how to change default editor from vi to pico or nano editor on centos. first we need install editor like pico or nano :


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