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How to install zimbra on you centos VPS, before do this you may need to know what iz zimbra : Bring Together Email, Calendaring and Enterprise Applications Zimbra is an enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution built for the cloud, both public and private. With a redesigned browser-based interface, Zimbra offers the most innovative messaging… Read Article →

how to install webuzo free control panel centos, and what is webuzo? before we try install webuzo to our server, you should to know function and feature webuzo.Webuzo is a LAMP STACK and a Single User Control Panel you can get this as free control panel or paid control panel. You can install Webuzo on… Read Article →

How to install and convert Cloudlinux on Centos, you can migrate from old OS linux Centos become to cloudlinux, CloudLinux is the first commercial OS that meets the specific needs and demands of web hosting providers. CloudLinux is the choice for web hosting providers because of the stable environment it provides even in the most… Read Article →

tutorial linux, how to grab or download on linux with wget command, wget command very important for download or grab with console windows, if you have vps with little memory, this is first basic command you must to know how to download file to your server with wget command. if you want play with wget,… Read Article →

tutorial centos fix repobase, some centos installation have little problem with repobase, did you have any problem with yum command, yum command cant running under your server. you can back and restore default base repo centos. many provider VPS provider has modified repo and sometimes your repo conflict so yum command cant run. first step… Read Article →

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